FLIGHT EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE: From Professional Flight Simulators down to home equipment for domestic use ...and everything in between.


Whether you are planning on offering innovative flight training technology or flying at home, Virtual-Fly has some unique, plug-and-fly, durable simulators delivering a quality flight experience for all different needs and purposes.

From full motion flight experience to static cockpits and controls. Professional flight training companies can enjoy our portable, cost-effective ontop duo full motion flight simulator. Entertaining companies can use our Duo Pro Entertainment, a flight simulator specifically designed for entertainment use in Educational or STEM Projects, theme parks or gaming allies. Home users can buy a finished product or build up their own device by integrating Virtual-Fly hardware depending of their flight experience evolution. Choose your suitable equipment for custom integration on you business or personal projects.


Training – Professional Flight Schools

Boost the profitability of your simulation training by avoiding variable costs and technical incidences. Make your flight school more attractive to new generations by upgrading your fleet with our AATD certified flight simulators and full motion flight simulators. Increase the value of your premises by placing the latest technology. Virtual-Fly cabins can capture student-pilots for basic training as well as keeping your licensed pilots on the flight school by offering them new courses available 365 days per year in categories with higher cost and real-life risk as IFR, short airstrips, bad weather conditions, night flight, mountain flight…now, the sky, is not the limit.

Education – STEM Projects and EducoEntertainment

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. A STEM project will intertwine two or more of these learning areas to complete a project. These often focus on solving a problem and can be based on real-world applications, such as Aviation. Boeing, First Scandinavia or Kidzania are some of the companies using our devices for EducoEntertainment projects Worldwide. Theme Parks and Gaming Allies are other applications that use these flight Simulators to add value and increase profitability. Full Motion Flight Simulators will make your customers return and recommend the experience to others. Your business deserves an asset truly prepared to make aviation as profitable as it is portable, durable, versatile, compact and electric, with extremely low consumption and even more, it is prepared for all users, as its difficulty, realism and motion performance can be graduated depending on the experience that the user is looking for.

Home user

Your passion for aviation is finally rewarded with our range of high-end life-time products. We deliver within days, reliable, realistic and robust training and entertainment peripherals worldwide. Now 365 days of flying is possible, so you can be more prepared for real flights and at the same time spent more time at home. Your kids and friends can even gain their first flight hours with you! Discover the possibilities and enjoy this passion with the latest technology. All our peripherals and flight panels are compatible with the three main flight simulator software, Microsoft Flight Sim 2020, Lockheed Marteen P3D and Xplane

Flight Simulation Center

The simulator is the long-awaited link between today´s aviation and the mass society. If you are someone who thinks that there is a pilot fighting to get out of every one of us then you are the right person to open a flight simulation center. You may already manage a project related to aviation such as a pilot shop, a museum, an association, or maybe you are already offering simulation to the public …if this is the case then you should give us a call, we will let you know how to increase value and profitability with real examples and a realistic business plan.


Some Industry leaders that trust Virtual Fly for their Flight Simulation Equipment

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Virtual-Fly has tens of distributors worldwide. As many businesses, we are always hoping for the best of the best and that is why we are on a never-ending search for collaborators in different countries so we can stablish a relationship with local customers and enthusiasts.
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Commercial representation of Virtual-Fly products on a local or national market through the network, business and web channels you are already using. We give you full support from our HQ in Spain and US. Management of a national or continental territory and a show room with units on stock and expansion preference. Contact us for more info.
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You can become Virtual-Fly´s Official Technical Service in a national or continental market offering installation and post-installation services such as import, transport, unload, installation or updates. An extra revenue for your daily activities.