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Virtual Fly is part of Aircatglobal Aeronautical Group. We are more than a flight simulator manufacturer; our group does Aircraft and UAV distributions, we are a flight school, we conduct constant research and development in all Aviation areas and we are also an Aviation Media Company.

We do Research & Development focused on hardware for the flight simulation Business. We create solutions for Professionals and Enthusiasts. Our products range from FAA FTDs and Full Motion Flight Simulators down to flight panels and controls, as well as specific personalized projects for those clients who want to go the extra mile. We are proud of being a big part of the history of flight simulation, made of realism and constant evolution. Visit our Showrooms in the US and Europe and discover a new world of realism.

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We do real-world flight training, distribution of aircraft through exclusive dealerships, and technical service for our customers and represented brands. The result is hundreds of pilots that come out of our flight schools and dozens of airplanes sold and maintained by us every year.

Over the past decade and a half, we have helped Student-Pilots make their dream come true. Today, we operate around 25 airplanes, among those used in our flight school and those leased to other Professional training organizations.

We are exclusive dealerships in Spain for six top Aeronautical manufacturers: Aeroprakt A22 & A32, Aerospool Dynamic WT9, Aeropilot Legend 540, Just Aircraft SuperStol and Highlander, Tomark Aero Viper SD4, Best Off Sky Ranger

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We are the biggest Aviation Media Creator in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe. Audiovisual is the new Marketing, and we create it from scratch. We are pioneers in Drone footage and have the pilots and drones to capture those impossible shots that your production is looking for. Live events and Streaming, as well as cinematic productions of any kind. You name it; we do it.

We also distribute three of the biggest brands of Professional Drones. XFOLD, Gryphon Dynamics, and Freefly. We are their exclusive dealers and Official technical Service Centers for all Europe.