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VF-G1000 Desktop Trainer

Our VF-G1000 Desktop Trainer it’s a very important module for G1000 training. It consists of a high-quality replica of a real G1000 that feels just like the real thing. Ready to connect and use, to perfectly master all the functionalities of the G1000.

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The VF-G1000 Desktop Trainer is a G1000 module that works standalone without the need to connect to any flight simulation platform. It is nothing more than the VF-G1000 together with the original Garmin G1000 PC Trainer. This set is entirely intended primarily for flight schools that want to train their students to operate the G1000 with all its hard and soft features.

Since the module operates autonomously, it incorporates a computer inside the module that automatically activates the G1000 PC trainer software and pops out the PFD and MFD screens so that the system operates without the need of any further configuration by the user.

When ordering our VF-G1000 Desktop Trainer you will get:
  • Brand new VF-G1000 Desktop Trainer with unique Serial Number
  • Gaming Joystick
  • Warranty Card with Related Serial Number for Technical Support
  • All Cables, power supply.


  • Exact G1000 replica with backlighted faceplate and buttons. Each element, knob, and button have the exact same shape, tactile sensation, and size as the real one (*1).
  • The VF-G1000 Desktop trainer comes with the original Garmin G1000 PC Trainer already installed in an internal barebone computer.
  • This module has the same usability and functionality as the GarminG1000 PC Trainer software.
  • PFD and MFD with IPS 10.4” display -1024x768 resolution
  • A wide angle of view from top, right, left, bottom viewpoints.
  • 100% metal construction
  • Equipped with Internet connection if a remote session is required from the Virtual Fly support team.
  • Equipped with a gaming Joystick to control the flight of the virtual plane
  • Equipped with sound system alert

(*1)SD card reader is not functional.


  • G1000 Dimensions (with packing): L 790 mm / W 430 mm / H 350 mm
  • Joystick Dimensions (with packing): L270 mm / W 260 mm / H 300 mm
  • G1000 Weight (with packing): 16 Kg
  • Joystick Weight (with packing): 2.5 Kg
  • Powered at 115-230VAC
  • Ethernet port (only for remote support)
Tested and compatible with Cessna NAVIII Trainer v12.00 (*2) (*2)If you prefer any other plane compatibility from this list, please send us an e-mail at


VF-G1000 Desktop Trainer technical cutout


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