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Flight Sim Panel – SOLO GA

A multi-aircraft touchscreen cockpit designed for every type of pilot. Have fun and stay sharp with our ultimate cost-effective analogue flight panel. Domestic or Professional use. Back to basics! Compatible with MSFS, P3D, X-Plane.


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"For products like these, I can’t recommend Virtual Fly enough, their product range is unbelieveable and the quality is the best I have ever used”Dudley Henriques, VF Customer and Friend


SOLO GA Analogue Flight Panel. GA, stands for General Aviation. Fly Single & Twin engine Piston and Turboprop, in one single touch.

A plug and fly tactile flight panel designed to fly your favorite analogue aircraft. As easy as selecting the desired cockpit display from the tactile screen menu. The SOLO GA incorporates an internal barebone PC which manages all the gauges, indicators, switches, rotary encoders and RadioStack, so the panel doesn’t need any resource from your Flight simulator computer, connect the panel to your Simulator computer with an Ethernet cable, install and execute our communication module and everything is ready to fly. Our SOLO GA includes magnetic labels with different text to put over the switches and knobs for when changing from one type of aircraft to another. Equipped with glareshield light for night flights. Get everything you want in one place. Engine Start switches, lighting, fuel, navigation, comms…you have it all! Virtual Fly has taken the advantage of its professional flight training experience tools and puts it into practice in a desktop device. Solo GA is the perfect solution you are looking for steam gauge flying. Available in either glass or steam gauge configurations! Choose from SOLO GA or SOLO GA1. It is an ideal choice for flight schools and home users that don’t have a bigger space for a dual or full motion system but still need realistic visuals, controls and cockpits. Great to maintain IFR currency and keeping skills sharp when the weather is not good enough to fly the real thing! Simulated airplanes: Cessna 172, Cessna 182 RG, Mooney Bravo, Baron B58, Beech King Air A350-C90 and generic panels for single & twin engine on Piston and Turboprop GA aircraft. Add your favorite Virtual Fly flight controls, perfectly fitted to the flight panel. We offer special prices for more units if you need them in the present or future of your flight school. When ordering our SOLO GA you will get:
  • Brand new SOLO GA with Internal PC and unique Serial Number
  • Warranty Card with Related Serial Number for Technical Support
  • All Cables and extra accessories necessary for functionality


  • Plug&Fly Technology. No computer skills, it connects to any computer running XPlane11, MSFS and Prepar3D v4-v5 with a simple Ethernet cable. Connect with the Virtual Fly Support team if you need remote assistance.
  • The “VFConnect3” SOFT is an executable module that makes the connection between the SOLO GA panel and the main Flight Simulator computer. You can download it from the SETUP&SUPPORT tab.
  • Because it runs on its own BAREBONE computer, it does not consume any resources from the graphics cards or CPU of the computer to which it is connected.
  • Equipped with "glareshield light" for night flights.
  • 100% metal construction.
  • It incorporates aluminum sequential flaps control and aluminum landing gear control with mechanical interlocking.
  • Touch-screen technology. The SOLO GA features a touchscreen display with a choice of 8 different types of flight panels: - Cessna C-172 - C-182 - Mooney Bravo - BaronB-58 - C182 SKYLANE II RG FSX (Carenado) (for P3D) - Beechcraft King Air 350 (for P3D) - C90 (for XPlane11) - Generic Panel for Single Engine Piston Engine. - Generic panel for Turbo-prop Single Engine - Generic panel for Twin-Engine Piston Engines - Generic panel for Twin Turbo-prop engines
  • In the generic panels, you can select 3 different scaled airspeed backdrops: 200kt, 400kt and 600kt, you can also select the type of the directional indicator: Gyro or HSI.
  • EFIS type indicators can also be selected (only in turboprop).
  • The touch-screen allows you to operate the Radiostack push buttons.
  • Built-in physical rotary switches to manage all gauges and radio frequencies.
  • Quickly change the labels on the switches and knobs to the aircraft configuration selected using the included magnetic labels. One set is included.
  • Equipped with Internet connection if a remote session is required from the Virtual Fly support team.


Single and Twin Engine Piston:
  • Lights: Beacon, Landing, Taxi, Navigation, Strobe., Recognition, and Panel lights.
  • Switches: Left & Right Cowl Flaps, Left & Right Fuel Pump, Prop. Sync., Pitot Heat, sequential Flaps Switch, Parking Brake, Landing Gear, and Prop. De-ice.
  • Ignition and Electrical: Master Avionics, Master Battery, Left & Right Alternator, 2 Magnetos for Left & Right Engine, Left & Right Prime, Left & Right Ignition.
  • Clock: Includes Chrono and O.A.T. / Volts.
  • Gauges and Indicators: Indicated Airspeed, Attitude, Altimeter, Turn Coordinator, HSI, Vertical Speed, Gyro-Directional, VOR1, VOR2, ADF (NDB), Flaps Position; Elevator, Rudder, & Aileron Trim Position, Landing Gear Position, Compass, Annunciator Panel; Left & Right: Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, CHT, EGT, Fuel Pressure, Manifold Pressure, RPM, VAC, Fuel Quantity, and Alternator Load.
  • Touch-driven Radio Stack: Includes Audio Panel, Autopilot, COM1, COM2, NAV1, NAV2, ADF, DME, and Transponder modules.
Single and Twin Engine Turboprop: It has the same configuration as the previous list with the following changes:
  • The COWL FLAP switches on both engines, become AUTOFEATHER ARM– EFIS POWER
  • The LEFT/RIGHT Magneto switches on both engines, become START – AUTO IGNITION
  • The ALT switches on both engines become GEN switches
  • Exclusive TurboProp engine gauge indicators: Torque, ITT, Prop RPM, RPM, Fuel Flow, Oil Press-temp


  • Product Dimensions (with packing): L 860 mm / W 530 mm / H 280 mm
  • Product Weight (with packing): 23Kg
  • 1 x Ethernetcable(included)
  • Powered at 115-230VAC

Software Compatibility

Prepar3D v4-5

X-Plane 11


OS Compatibility



Aircraft Compatibility

  • - Cessna Skyhawk 172 (Default)
  • - Beechcraft Baron 58 (Default)
  • - Many of the default & Carenado Aircrafts
X-Plane 11
  • - Cessna 172SP (Default)
  • - Beechcraft Baron 58 (Default)
  • - Beechcraft King Air C90 (Default)
  • - Many of the default & Third-Party Aircrafts
  • - Cessna 172 (FSX Default)
  • - Cessna 182 (Carenado)
  • -Mooney Bravo (Default)
  • - Beechcraft Baron 58 (FSX Default)
  • - Beechcraft King Air C90 (Default)
  • - Many of the default & Carenado Aircrafts


SOLO GA technical cutout SOLO GA technical cutout


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