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Flight Sim Panel – SOLO A

All in one Analogue Cessna Flight Panel. Flight Training has never been so beautiful. You can fly a C172 or a C182 RG in a 1 to 1 analogue flight panel, as real as it can get. Our latest flight training device designed and produced to exceed FAA requirements as a certified AATD. Fly like a real Cessna 172 and 182 pilot.

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    "When you purchase components like these you are investing in long lasting equipment of the highest quality. You are going to get a life-time use out of it"Ken Bench, VF Customer and Pilot

    SOLO A is an outstanding plug and fly replica flight panel. An all in one Cessna Flight Panel with steam gauges. Flight Training has never been so beautiful. You can now fly a Cessna 172 or a Cessna 182 RG in this 1 to 1 analogue flight panel. It is real as it can get. Change from Cessna C172 to C182RG in seconds.

    Our Solo A includes the Yoko+ the Yoke flight control as well as the V3RNIO+ “TPM” (Throttle, Propeller, Mixture) quadrant. All indicators, switches and navigation equipment used is the one the real airplane uses, including a Complete Radiostack and a GPS replica of Garmin GNS-530.

    Of course, you have all Starting Engine key and Master ALT/BAT switches as well as lighting, fuel, ice, carbs and the rest of instrumentation that your typical Cessna has. Glareshield light included for night flying, dimmable.

    SOLO A is an ideal choice for flight schools and home users that don’t have a bigger space for a dual or full motion system but still need realistic visuals, controls and cockpits. Great to maintain IFR currency and keeping skills sharp when the weather is not good enough to fly the real thing!

    SOLO A is part of our SOLO PRO series of panels certified by the FAA as AATD devices.

    When ordering our SOLO A you will get:

    • Brand new SOLO A flight panel with unique Serial Number
    • Warranty Card with Related Serial Number for Technical Support
    • Internal PC, Screen, All Cables and extra accessories necessary for functionality
    • Yoko+ and V3RNIO+ included in the flight panel.
    • Price includes remote assistance to help with set-up.


    • Fly the Cessna 172 S or the Cessna 182 RG as you would do in the real aircraft. Includes a Vernier Style Throttle Quadrant and a GPS replica of a Garmin GNS 530.
    • Complete analogue cockpit including a GPS Garmin GNS 530 (NavData can be updated). 2 aircraft configurations in one flight panel. Select the aircraft in the flight simulation software and the SOLO A automatically selects the required configuration.
    • The SOLO A works using its own computer. Get your SOLO A out of the box and connect it to your flight simulation computer. Press the ON button and get to flying.
    • The SOLO A features a physical radio stack replica and our own custom solution, both hardware and software, to display the gauges and indicators.
    • The SOLO A is designed to be part of a certified flight simulator, so fidelity and functionality are part of its core features.
    • The YOKO+ and V3RNIO+ included with the SOLO A are industry-leaders peripherals. Feel the aircraft in your hands while you look at the beautiful gauges and indicators of the SOLO A.


    Solo A | Virtual Fly
    • Lights panel: Beacon, Landing, Taxi, Navigation, Strobe and Panel lights
    • Switches: Cowl Flaps, Fuel Pump, Pitot Heat, Flaps, Parking Brake, Fuel Selector, Carburetor Heat, Alternate Static Air, and Landing Gear.
    • Circuit Breakers: Nonfunctional.
    • Ignition and Electrical: Master Avionics, Master Battery, Alternator and 5 Position Ignition Key.
    • Clock: Includes Chrono and O.A.T. / Volts.
    • Trims: Elevator & Rudder Trim Wheels and indicators.
    • Gauges and Indicators: Indicated Airspeed, Attitude, Altimeter, Turn Coordinator, Gyro, Vertical Speed, VOR1, VOR2, ADF, Fuel Press – Man Press, AMP – VAC, EGT – CHT, Oil Temp – Oil Press, Fuel Quantity, Compass, Trims, and Annunciator Panel.
    • Radio Stack: Audio Panel with Marker Indicators, Auto Pilot, COM & NAV, DME, ADF and Transponder modules.
    • GPS Garmin GNS-530

    Technical Description

    • Product Dimensions: L 95cm. / W 52cm / H 52cm
    • Product Weight: 44 Kg
    • Connectivity: Ethernet (cable included), 2 USB-B to USB (cables included), and 110-230 VAC power supply.
    • Minimum Requirements: A computer capable of running the desired flight simulation with an ethernet port and 2 USB ports available.

    Software Compatibility

    Prepar3D v4-5



    OS Compatibility



    Solo A Cutout | Virtual Fly


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