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Learn from the right partner. An affordable, customizable and scalable flight simulator that grows together with your flight school. Our star Flight Simulator comes with two types cockpit configurations and Interior Options. Analogue or G1000. Static or Full Motion.

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“Allowing the students to fly this Duo Pro full motion flight simulator before flying the real thing is a great added value to our courses. The learning process becomes much shorter and quality is much better” Ed Valdez - Airliner Pilot and Aviation Program Director at Cypress University

Virtual-Fly has a triple commitment with flight training and it is based on reliable, robust and realistic approved devices that guarantee thousands of flight training hours in order to ensure higher cost-effectiveness for flight schools. Learn from the right partner. A scalable flight simulator that grows up with your flight school. Our star Flight Simulator comes with different cockpit configurations and Interior Options.

All in one Complete Turnkey Solution. Affordable Flight Training has never been so beautiful before.

The DUO PRO series is our newest flight training series of devices designed and produced to exceed FAA requirements as a certified AATD.

Using our very own steam gauges and VFG1000 hardware and software you will be able to reduce on initial cost and recurring maintenance while maintaining the exact same functionality as the real aircraft for maximum transfer of learning

Our dual structure was designed by instructors and pilots to represent the exact position and ergonomics of real flying.

Duo Pro Meac | Virtual Fly
  • Two seat Static of Full motion Flight Simulator.
  • Single Engine and Twin Engine Piston as well as Turboprop aircraft
  • Analogue cockpit
  • Fly Cessna, Diamond, Beechcraft in one same flight simulator, change aircraft in minutes
  • Optional for Closed cabin for an even more immersion
  • Flight controls with real feeling and strength included, with hall effect contactless sensors
  • Panoramic 135º HD view, up to 225º view
  • Everything included according the FAA regulation
  • All computers and licensed software included.
  • Ready to fly and for your flight training sessions.
  • Recurrent Technical Support
  • 3 year full warranty


Features included in the Basic configuration

  • Complete two-seat flight deck structure including seats with longitudinal and tilt adjustment. Semi-enclosed or enclosed structure.
  • 3x to 5x 32" screens visual system with an angle of vision of 135º to 225º
  • 2x YOKO+ yoke made with aluminium and 144mm of travelling on push-pull pitch axis.
  • 2x RUDDO+ rudder pedals.
  • 1x TQ6+ for smooth and precise TPM adjustments.
  • Instructor station is based on a touchscreen laptop. The instructor station uses F1Tech VISPRO software
  • Gauges and indicators are rendered using Virtual Fly's custom solutions. Garmin simulators use F1Tech VISPRO software, both for the G1000 and the GNS 530
  • Audio & Ventilation control.
  • Analogue cockpit panel


  • Assembly manual
  • User's manual
  • Start up and shut down Checklist.
  • Aircraft type start & Stop Checklist.


  • Monday to Friday phone and email support
  • Remote hands service for solving software issues
  • Different teams around the globe for fast hardware servicing


  • Extension to 225º panoramic view.
  • White fiber closed cabin
  • Back cover of the cabin for full immersion
  • Full motion Flight System with protection
  • FTO instructor Station with Audio and Camera connection


Duo Pro | Virtual Fly

Multipurpose Analogue Cockpit for C-172, C-182, Baron B58, KingAir A350

  • Throttle Controls TQ6: Double throttle, propeller and mixture for twin engine airplanes although the controls can also be used for single engine airplanes.
  • Lights panel: Beacon, Landing, Taxi, Nav., Strobe, Recogn., Panel lights
  • Switches: stby. vac., static air, fuel pump for left and right engine, pitot heat, prop sync., cowl flaps for left and right engine, flaps switch, parking break, clock timer, speed brake, carburettor heat for left & right engine.
  • De-Ice panel: boot, prop., surface, wind shield
  • Fuel panel: fuel tank selector left engine, off, left, both, left aux., left main, and right main. Fuel tank selector right engine: off, right, both, right aux., left main, right main.
  • Trim panel: elevator, rudder and aileron trim compensator wheels.
  • Ignition panel: master alternator for left and right engine, master battery, master avionics, five-positions ignition key, prime and start button for left and right engine.
  • Analogue gauges: including engine parameters.
  • Radiostack and GPS GNS530
  • Other: landing gear lever with one red light for "in Trans" and three green lights for "Gear Down & Locked"

Technical Description

  • Product Dimensions: L 2.4m. / W 2.2m / H 1.73m
  • Product Weight: 400 Kg
  • Power Supply: 115-230 VAC home use power supply with ground protection and home use differential switch.
  • Software Compatibility: P3D, X-Plane
  • Minimum Requirements: Domestic power outlet 230 VAC with ground socket. 30mA domestic diferential switch. Clean and dry room with leveled floor (not suitable for use outdoors).
  • Access door measuring 2.3m. width x 1.9m height
Duo Pro Cutout | Virtual Fly


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