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A multi-aircraft touchscreen compact and versatile flight simulator designed for every type of pilot. Have fun and stay sharp with our ultimate cost-effective analogue flight simulator. Domestic and Professional use. Go back to basics and stay proficient!

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"As a STEM organisation working with BOEING to bring aviation closer to everyone, this is a perfect tool to use in our project"Stian Elstad, Newton CEO and VF Customer

Introducing a versatile, easy to pack and quick to set up flight simulator. Perfect for Home Flight Training, Flight Schools and STEM Aviation Projects.

COMBO GA is an analogue compact and versatile Flight Simulator. GA, stands for General Aviation and means you can fly single-engine and twin-engine piston and turboprop aircraft, all in one single flight panel, using our own touchscreen.

A Plug & Fly tactile flight panel designed to fly your favorite analogue aircraft, as easy as selecting the desired cockpit display from the touch-screen menu.


The COMBO GA incorporates two computers: an internal barebone PC which manages all the gauges, indicators, switches, rotary encoders and Radio Stack, and the external computer which manages only the flight simulator, in this case Prepar3D. This flight simulator doesn’t need any kind of assembly or configuration, just place it on your desired table, install the RUDDO pedals on the floor, connect the power to the wall socket and everything is ready to fly.

Our COMBO GA includes magnetic labels with different and specific text for you to put over the switches and knobs for when changing from one type of aircraft to another. Equipped with glareshield light for night flights. Get everything you want in one place. Engine Start switches, lighting, fuel, navigation, comms…you have it all!

Is the perfect solution if you are looking for steam gauge flying. However, this simulator is also available in glass G1000 configuration, the COMBO GA1!


COMBO SOLO GA and GA1 are ideal choices for flight schools and home users that don’t have a bigger space for a compete flight deck or a dual or full motion system but still need realistic controls and cockpits. It is great to maintain IFR currency and keeping skills sharp when the weather is not good enough to fly the real thing!

These are the simulated airplanes you can fly on the COMBO GA flight simulator: Cessna 172, Cessna 182 RG, Mooney Bravo, Baron B58, Beech King Air 200 and generic panels for single & twin engine on Piston and turboprop GA aircraft. In generic mode you can choose if you want to fly with HSI or Gyro directional gauge, the full range of your airspeed and even if you want EFIS mode (only for turboprop). When ordering our COMBO GA you will get:
  • Brand new COMBO GA with Internal PC and unique Serial Number
  • SOLO GA panel

  • TQ6+

  • YOKO+

  • RUDDO+

  • Intel i5 slim computer with P3D license
  • 43 inch screen TV
  • Warranty Card with Related Serial Number for Technical Support
  • All Cables and extra accessories necessary for functionality


  • Plug&Fly Technology. No technical skills needed, it connects to any 110-230 VAC wall socket, only the RUDDO+ have to be connected from the user side, and it is ready to Fly. Connect with the Virtual Fly Support team if you need remote assistance.
  • It runs under Prepar3D platform which has an incorporated license.
  • The screen is telescopic so that it can be retracted and extended in case of need to move the simulator from one point to another. That way the simulator becomes a one single piece to move around easily.
  • Equipped with "glareshield light" for night flights.
  • 100% metal construction.
  • It runs with 2 computers: - BAREBONE computer for the SOLO GA panel - Main Flight simulator (Prepar3D) Computer with these features: Intel i5 computer, 16GB RAM, SSD 120Gb, GTX 1050 Ti(*1).
  • Optional aluminum box with 4 wheels for easy transport.
See the following links that show the features of each incorporated aeronautical item:


  • Product Dimensions (with packing): 1150mm x 750mm x 1350mm
  • Product Weight (with packing): 122 Kg
  • Connectivity: Powered at 115-230VAC


Combo GA Cutout | Virtual Fly Combo GA Cutout | Virtual Fly


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