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We’ve added a PLUS+ to our signature single & dual engine throttle quadrants. Hands on even more for real. Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors make this a Life-Long product, we want to be by your side throughout your full journey. Controllable Reverse thrust, feather and cut-off functions, with adjustable strength on levers feel just like the real thing. TQ6+ is compatible with MSFS, P3D, X-Plane.

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“Virtual Fly is broadening the appeal of next-generation home simulators beyond aviation enthusiast”John Barns, Flight Sim Enthusiast and VF Customer


Controllable Reverse thrust, propeller Feather and Cut-Off mixture features on single and twin engine airplanes. Those are indispensable features on a throttle quadrant. You will really notice that detent when moving from zone to zone.

Have you ever had a poor touch feeling when using the levers on a throttle quadrant simulator? Those days are gone with adjustable travelling touch on levers. Now you can set the required strength to match your desired performance. The thing is, we wanted to make a more durable throttle quadrant, so now we've added a PLUS: Hall effect magnetic sensors make this a Life-Long product. Your hands even more for real. High resolution, 12 bits of precision on all axes, doesn't need calibration, comes calibrated from factory. Unique amongst its kind. You have Two types of mounting: recessed panel using threaded holes or desktop by sergeant clamp. It is compatible with MSFS, P3D, X-Plane. Prepared for piston engines, turbo-propellers (*), and turbo-fan. Each control is set at a different height and has a different colour, just like on real aircraft. Controls 95% manufactured from metal. When ordering our TQ6+ your package will include:
  • Brand new TQ6+ throttle quadrant with unique Serial Number
  • Standard Throttle Clamp for desks up to 2 inches (50mm) and all screws
  • Warranty Card with Related Serial Number for Technical Support
  • All Cables Necessary

This product is also part of all our on process of Certification Aviation Training Devices certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.).

You can add your TQ6+ to any of our Flight Panels, designed for it! Solo GA Series, Solo Airliner Series and Solo PRO Series. Also compatible with customized flight panels by Stay Level. Compatible with other hardware in the market, so you can either have the complete Virtual Fly Family of products or mix with other preferred peripherals.
  • (*) BETA-GND function is not included.


  • Adjustable strength needed to move the levers.
  • Real force applied moving the levers
  • Hall Effect magnetic sensors in the 6 axis.
  • 12-Bit of resolution, (4096) values in each axis
  • Each lever is 100% made of metal and has different height, shape, and color.
  • Both THROTTLE levers have the controllable REVERSE THRUST zone.
  • Both PROPELLER levers have the FEATHER zone.
  • Both MIXTURE levers have the CUT-OFF zone.
  • Markings and a mechanical detent which differentiate each zone to feel change from one zone to the other.
  • 2 mounting systems: using the included clamp or screws.
  • Ultra-resistant, heavy-duty range. Construction 95% metallic.
  • Standard Throttle Clamp for desks up to 2 inches (50mm) and all screws
  • Plug and Play driverless USB installation for computer.
  • Plug&Fly technology. The VFHubsoftware is an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel for the TQ6+ and all VirtualFly devices that connect them to MSFS, Prepar3D v4-v5 & XPlane11. It let to test, calibrate, set up and adjust it to desired needs, all our peripherals from the same place.


  • Product Dimensions (with packing): L 260 mm / W 260 mm / H 260 mm
  • Product Weight (with packing): 3 Kg
  • Connectivity: USB (cable included)

Software Compatibility


X-Plane 11


OS Compatibility





TQ6 technical cutout TQ6 technical cutout TQ6 technical cutout TQ6 technical cutout


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The following accessories are avaiable for this product.


    TQ6+/V3RNIO extra clamp for desks up to 3 inches (79mm)

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