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"Astonishing how much better my flight equipment performs and feels compared to my last controls. Extremely precise and smooth.” Nicholas Schnell, Flight Sim Enthusiast and VF Customer


The most realistic G1000 Hardware in the market. The best piece of equipment for pilots before flying the real thing! A high quality 1 to 1 replica with exact measurements, backlighting and real touch. Compatible with MSFS2020, XPLANE & P3D


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Welcome! If you've landed here then it's because you are looking for a Top-notch G1000 simulator. Well, you certainly landed in the right runway.

Our G1000 PFD, MFD and Audio Panel system comes with our Plug and Fly Technology. Connect it to your preferred software and fly. All the buttons and rotaries are 100% functional, including all Auto Pilot. It also comes with backlight in panel and buttons, and the Audio panel with functional triangular indicator leds. You are looking at an exact replica with exact measurements to the real model. Each element, each button, each rotary has the exact shape and dimensions to the real one. We actually rented a plane for weeks to study its G1000 and get the best out there. It is compatible with MSFS, P3D, X-Plane. You have a few options to choose from: VF G1000 At a cost of 2.750,00€ this includes the complete PFD, MFD and Audio Panel package with everything you need to fly any G1000 aircraft on MSFS2020, XPLANE or P3D. No metallic support included. This is thought for the cockpit builder, building a custom panel, or someone who already has a support that can fit our G1000, such as the customized StayLevelAvionix Panels.
  • For MSFS2020 use its own G1000 software, go to FAQ to see how it works
  • For Xplane use its own G1000 software, the best option for our G1000
  • For P3D use any third party software available, such as F1TECH.
VF G1000 + METALIC SUPPORT The same VFG1000 option but comes together with the Desktop Metal support which is normally sold separately! (+100€). Buy together and save 15% on the support. We have 2 other turnkey solutions, specifically thought for flight schools and universities with a G1000 fleet. G1000 PC TRAINER TURNKEY This solution is used to practice hours and hours of all the procedures you wish to train in the real G1000, it is 100% functional, a product specifically designed for flight schools and students to practice all the G1000 functionalities, based on the Garmin PC Trainer, with no PC or visuals needed. It is not a ‘flight simulator’ and it does not represent flight dynamics. The price for the complete turnkey G1000 solution is 4.995,00€ We offer special prices for more units if you need them in the present or future of your flight school. SOLO GA1 G1000 Flight Panel. GA, stands for General Aviation, 1, for G1000. Fly Single & Twin engine Piston, turboprop and jet aircraft using the G1000, in one flight panel. This plug and fly flight panel is designed not only to have the best of fun, flying your favourite glass cockpit aircraft, but also to evolve on you flight training at home or at your favourite flight training center. The price is 4.995,00 €. We offer special prices for more units if you need them in the present or future of your flight school. When ordering any of our VF G1000 packages you will get:
  • Brand new VF G1000 with unique Serial Number
  • Metalic support (if purchased) in a separate box
  • Warranty Card with Related Serial Number for Technical Support
  • All Cables and extra accessories necessary
This product is also part of all our Certified Aviation Training Devices certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) and in Europe as part of our EASA Certified Simulators. You can add your COMPOSS to any of our Flight Panels, designed for it! Solo GA Series, Solo Airliner Series and Solo PRO Series. Also compatible with customized flight panels by Stay Level. Compatible with other hardware in the market, so you can either have the complete Virtual Fly Family of products or mix with other preferred peripherals.


  • Exact G1000 replica with backlight. Each element, knob, and button has the exact same shape and size as the real one.
  • Have it set up and working in less than 1 hour, if you find any trouble contact Virtual Fly support team for remote technical assistance (the price includes remote technical assistance for setting up the G1000).
  • The audio panel includes functional triangular indicator LEDs and display backup button.
  • Secure the G1000 to your cockpit using screws or the desktop support (sold separately – 100€).
  • Our Control Panel software is intuitive and easy to use. Set up and adjust your G1000 to your needs, all from the same place.


VF G1000 | Virtual Fly Product Dimensions: PFD and MFD: L 300 mm / W 75 mm / H 195 mm – Audio Panel: L 34 mm / W 75 mm / H 195 mm Product Weight: 6 kg (PFD, MFD and Audio Panel) Connectivity: USB-B to USB (cable included), HDMI, and 110-230 VAC power input/output Software Compatibility: MSFS (For FSX F1Tech G1000 Student is needed) / P3D (F1Tech G1000 Student is needed) / X-Plane 11 Minimum Requirements: A computer with 2 HDMI video outputs and 3 available USB ports


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