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TRIMSneo - the pinnacle of high-quality flight simulation accessories. Born to seamlessly integrate with TQneo, TQ3+, TQ6+, V3RNIO+, taking your virtual flying experience to new heights. The TRIMSneo presents a motorized pitch trim wheel with analogue needle indicator. It also includes a parking brake, landing gear, rudder and aileron trims and wing flaps all of which include their own specific and unique LED position indicator. TRIMSneo is compatible with MSFS, P3D & X-Plane.


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TRIMSneo is a feature-packed module designed to enhance the realism and control of your flight simulation setup. It combines essential functions such as landing gear control, trims control (including pitch, rudder and roll trim), wing flaps lever and a parking brake, all in one compact and streamlined unit.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, TRIMSneo boasts a high-quality construction that guarantees durability and longevity. The module's ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and intuitive user experience, enabling the pilot to complement their throttle controls with very important features that will make you focus on the virtual skies without any distractions. The motorized trim wheel works whenever you activate the trim from your YOKE or A/P but you can also manually trim the aircraft and you will notice a realistic feeling and touch.


  • Ultra-resistant, heavy-duty range. Construction 90% metallic.
  • Motorized pitch trim wheel
  • Thought to easily adapt to all VF throttle products: TQneo, TQ6+, TQ3+ and V3RNIO+ thanks to the incorporated adaptation base
  • It includes anti-slip systems for a better grip over any surface
  • Each wheel, lever and switch has its own indicator
  • Realistic feel thanks to the quality of the materials, strong and reliable switches, rotaries and trim wheels
  • Designed for all type of aircraft
  • Plug&Fly technology. The VFHub software is an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel and all VirtualFly devices that connect them to MSFS, Prepar3Dv4-v5 & XPlane12. It let to test, calibrate, set up and adjust it to desired needs


  • Product Dimensions (with packing): L 300mm / W 340mm / H 355mm
  • Product Weight: 4,5 Kg
  • Product Weight (with packing): 7 Kg
  • Connectivity: USB (cable included)

Software Compatibility

Prepar3D v4-5*

X-Plane 11*


OS Compatibility



  • * Virtual Fly ensures all of our products are fully compatible with default aircraft of the corresponding software. Please note that our products may not be fully compatible with all third-party aircraft, add-ons and plugins, and the use of such may interfere with the operation of our software. If you experience any issues with the software, please contact our support team for assistance.


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