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Our Trims Switch Panel is a Plug & Fly simulator module with with Trim wheels for pitch and roll/rudder, Landing Gear switch , Flaps lever switch and Parking Brake, capable to control all aircraft surfaces, for both Piston and Turboprop aircraft. Make your family grow with our complete SWITCHO Family! Compatible with P3D, XPLANE and MSFS.  

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The SWITCHO TRIMS is a desktop or cockpit-panel module that incorporates the most important secondary controls of an aircraft. Trim for pitch and rudder/aileron, flap controls, Parking Brake, landing gear and cowl flaps (piston engines) or AutoFeather Inverter (for turbo-prop aircraft).

It is a Plug & Fly USB module that works as a joystick (HID) when connected to any computer. Using our “VFHub” software, it is fully compatible with default aircraft of the three main flight simulation platforms. Additionally, the function of each switch can be customized through the main flight simulator software’s configuration, or for more specialized configurations through a third-party program like FSUIPC, SPAD.neXt or Axis and Ohs.

The era of 2D cockpits is over and all the important flight parameters such as switches, rotaries and levers for performing flights are displayed on the flight simulator screen. Today, cockpits are always 3D, more complex, and equipped with multiple systems. This means that the virtual pilot is constantly changing the view to visualize the flight parameters in the cockpit and, most importantly, the different systems of the aircraft (switches, rotaries and levers).

The primary purpose of the SWITCHO FAMILY modules is to provide users with very compact and ergonomic desktop modules that allow them to easily visualize all flight information and control aircraft systems. This is vitally important in all phases of flight, and especially in critical moments such as takeoff, approach or landing.

None of the modules require user configuration. They are all Plug & Fly and have a high-end USB-C connection. Our own VF-HUB software will recognize your module and have it ready to fly. All five modules are compatible and can be set up together using our snap system. This system makes it easy to add more SWITCHO FAMILY members at your own pace.

If you are not looking for a desktop solution but rather a friendly cockpit-builder product, this is also for you. The aluminum housing is removable in all 5 modules, and can be placed directly onto your favorite panel. For enthusiasts who have purchased StayLevel Avionix panels and other like systems, this solution is great.


  • Plug&Fly product, no configuration is required.
  • For advanced users: Any OFF/ON toggle button can be customized to the user's preferences.
  • FULL metal construction.
  • Rotaries & switches with a ultra-high life cycle.
  • It includes anti-slip systems for a better grip over any surface.
  • It includes anti-tip systems to avoid any tilt and keep in a steady vertical position.
  • Realistic feel thanks to the quality of the materials, strong and reliable switches, rotaries, trim wheels and levers.
  • Designed for Single &Twin engine Piston and Turboprop aircraft.
  • The entire housing is removable so that the module can be fitted in any cockpit panel by means of 4/6 screws.
Module content:
  • Landing gear switch with locking system to prevent accidental operation
  • Landing gear indicators with independent indication System for each individual gear.
  • Ultra-reliable sequential flap lever.
  • Parking Brake
  • Elevator trim with real touch
  • Rudder/Aileron trim with real touch
  • Cowl flaps (for piston engines) / AutoFeather Inverter (for Turbo Prop engines)


  • Product Dimensions (with packing): L 250mm / W 210mm / H 180mm
  • Product Weight (with packing): 1,8 Kg
  • Connectivity: USB (cable included)

Software Compatibility

Prepar3D v4-5*

X-Plane 11*


OS Compatibility



  • * Virtual Fly ensures all of our products are fully compatible with default aircraft of the corresponding software. Please note that our products may not be fully compatible with all third-party aircraft, add-ons and plugins, and the use of such may interfere with the operation of our software. If you experience any issues with the software, please contact our support team for assistance.


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The following accessories are avaiable for this product.


    Two clamping jaws for the SWITCHO. Clamp for desks up to 42mm (1,661 inches)

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