Flight simulators have long been an essential tool in aviation training, allowing pilots to practice their skills and gain experience in a safe and controlled environment. With the recent sale of six units of VirtualFly's certified SOLO PRO G1 simulator to Buiqui Aero Flight School, the transformative impact of advanced simulation technology on flight education is more evident than ever.

Certified Simulators: A Game-Changer for Flight Schools

Certified simulators, such as our SOLO PROs, provide flight schools with distinct advantages, significantly improving training for instructors and students:


VirtualFly and Buiqui Aero: An Exciting Partnership

From 2023 through early 2024, VirtualFly will deliver six units of the cutting-edge SOLO PRO G1 simulator to Buiqui Aero Flight School, a premier aviation training institution. This major investment showcases Buiqui Aero’s dedication to top-quality education and training for students.

Buiqui Aero, known for excellent pilot training, offers a wide range of courses. By integrating VirtualFly’s certified simulators into their curriculum, Buiqui Aero enhances students’ learning experience with access to modern technology and effective training methods.

The SOLO PRO G1 simulators help Buiqui Aero’s students gain invaluable flight experience and sharpen their skills in a realistic environment, preparing them for real-world flight operations. This forward-thinking approach to flight training distinguishes Buiqui Aero as a leader in aviation education, ensuring their graduates are well-prepared for the competitive aviation industry.

VirtualFly’s partnership with Buiqui Aero underscores the transformative power of certified flight simulators in aviation education. Incorporating the SOLO PRO G1 into their curriculum allows flight schools to offer safer, more cost-effective, and efficient training. As a result, they better prepare future pilots for cockpit challenges and continuously raise the bar in aviation education and training.

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