Virtual Fly Professional Flight Simulators has embarked on a trip to Mexico and the United States following the end of summer 2021 to carry out some exciting tasks

Virtual Fly Professional Flight Simulators has embarked on a trip to Mexico and the United States following the end of summer 2021 to carry out some exciting tasks. We are proud to announce that we have strengthened our relationship greatly with IFly Aeronautical University and they will be our official distributors for the entire Latin America. After numerous visits to our clients in Yucatan and Merida, our trip has culminated in the FAMEX, the biggest aeronautical event in Latin America, where we have shown our innovative products to the world.

IFly Mexico, founded in 2011, is the first Aeronautical University for Pilots in Mexico, offering degrees such as Cadet Pilot, Cabin Crew, Aircraft Dispatcher and Aircraft Maintenance Technician. However, their most successful degree is without doubt the bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Maintenance Technician together with the higher technical degree as Aviator Pilot, a combination which offers a superior preparation to other institutions that do not offer this aeronautical training. In 2020 IFly renewed their fleet and now has the biggest American fleet of new generation aircraft Pipistrel Virus SW121 and has Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna 172 and Beechcraft D95A. The modern Pipistrel Virus SW121 is considered to be the best amongst its kind due to its low consumption, comfort, equipment, certification and security, factors which gained the trust of IFly and made them consider it the optimal training aircraft. IFly also has a large simulator fleet which, amongst others, contains Virtual Fly’s first full motion certified flight simulator, the OVO-04 C182 RG, carefully designed to beautifully simulate the Cessna 172 and 182RG. Moreover, IFly will continue incorporating our simulators throughout the years, following the contract renewal between both parts. IFly consistently engages in aeronautical events, and this year they will be one of the main sponsors of the FAMEX event alongside many other big names such as Airbus. Figure 1 depicts our stand, together with IFly, in this edition of the FAMEX.

Virtual Fly and IFly’s stand at the FAMES 2021

The FAMEX event is a commercial activity in the civil, military, security, and defense aeronautical sectors with the main objective of gathering the sector leaders to promote commercial exchange and stimulate the growth of the aerospace industry in Mexico and Latin America overall. This year, 635 exhibitors have enlisted to display their products and the expected public for the duration of the event is of 233,000 people, so as you can see, this event is an exceptional opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in this enormous industry. An impressive aircraft fleet is on display at the FAMEX, with the U.S. air force displaying the iconic C-17 Globemaster that participated in the Afghanistan Operations. The United States of America are the guest of honor of this event, given their dominance of the sector worldwide (The US covers 49% of the global aerospace industry, which represents 408.4$ billion!) and their air force has previously showcased part of their fleet. For instance, and impressive A-10C Thunderbolt II was in display in the FAMEX 2019.

FAMEX 2019’s spectacular crowd and aircraft in display

Being able to experience the thrill of receiving amazing feedback from people that understand the industry is something we are extremely proud of and events like always have the best environments to exchange ideas and set new projects and goals. Not only has this experience served to strengthen our presence in Latin America but has opened many doors for new ideas and projects that will stagger the flight simulation and training community in the near future.

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