As the Newton Room projects continue to grow and expand around the world, so does Virtual Fly as its official flight simulator provider.

These projects are a reality thanks to the joint forces of non-profit Organization First Scandinavia and the global aircraft manufacturer Boeing as well as specific entities in the countries where they are located.

As we have already mentioned before in our communication channels, the Newton Rooms are part of an innovative educational project that brings Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to students worldwide, to enhance school curriculums and make these increasingly-demanded and popular subjects more accessible. Appealing spaces packed with technology and different workstations, labs and group discussion zones adapted to a wide range of modules.

VirtualFly is part of these projects providing its versatile COMBO GA simulators, which are an ideal working tool for this type of projects and allow the necessary objectives to be exceeded. We have recently delivered 9 more affordable COMBO GA simulators for use in upcoming Newton projects. 3 in Poland, 3 in Spain and 3 more for Newton America in their goal to expand to a new continent.

This COMBO Flight Simulator Solution was one of the models that we had in our Sun ‘n Fun booth. After the success it had and the good feedback received, VirtualFly has decided to make it available to you on our website!

Figure 1. Łódź Newton Room simulators

COMBO GA is the perfect solution if you are looking for steam gauge flying. However, this simulator is also available in glass G1000 configuration, the COMBO GA1. Booth are ideal choices for flight schools and home users that don’t have a bigger space for a complete flight deck or a dual or full motion system but still need realistic controls and cockpits.

On this occasion we would like to talk (and show you a video) about the two new permanent Newton Rooms located in Galicia and Poland. These small permanent learning spaces have been modified and fully equipped to host students for a high-quality learning experience in STEM through aviation.

In October 2021, the inauguration of the permanent Newton Room in the Spanish province of Ourense, in Galicia was celebrated. The classroom has been placed at Tecnópole, Galicia’s technology park located 12 km from Ourense city, in San Cibrao das Viñas.

The opening ceremony was attended, amongst others, by Boeing and FIRST Scandinavia leaders, local authorities, teachers and students, the Economy Vicepresident of the Xunta de Galicia, Francisco Conde and by Virtual Fly representation, too.

Figure 2. Close-up picture of our COMBO GA Flight Simulator

On the other hand, two years ago, FIRST Scandinavia visited Łódź Technical University, with the Pop-up Newton Room, and after a successful experience on Oct 28th, 2021 they extended their partnership and Poland’s first permanent Newton Room laboratory has been opened as well.

A dedicated space at the Łódź University of Technology High School is fully equipped with materials focused on experiential learning as well as our high-end flight simulators.


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