Enhancing Flight Training in Thailand with our Flight Simulators

Pattara Aero Acquires two of our FAA Certified Flight Simulators, the SOLO PRO D4

The aeronautical approach in Thailand has seen remarkable evolution over the years, signaling a healthy and progressive aviation industry. As an integral part of Southeast Asia’s rapidly growing aviation sector, Thailand boasts several well-established flight schools and training institutes. The nation’s flight training programs, endorsed by both local and international certification bodies, equip aspiring pilots with essential skills needed in the modern aeronautical landscape.



Pattara Aero Co., Ltd, a renowned name in the Thai aviation sector, is at the forefront of this evolution. Providing products, spare parts, and tailor-made solutions for aerospace clients across the country.

Pattara Aero has recently acquired two SOLO PRO D4 flight simulators from VirtualFly. Both flight simulators are FAA certified, meaning they meet the highest international standards for flight simulation technology. This procurement is set to provide an unparalleled training experience for aspiring pilots in Thailand.

Our SOLO PRO D4 is an extraordinary piece of technology designed to closely replicate the experience of flying the real aircraft. It boasts a range of flight controls identical to those found in a real airplane, thereby enabling trainees to gain valuable experience in a safe, controlled environment.

The Diamond DA40 aircraft is a popular choice in flight schools worldwide due to its stability, efficiency, and cutting-edge avionics. With a high-wing design and panoramic canopy, the DA40 offers excellent visibility, which is critical during training. The simulator’s DA40 configuration will allow students to get the most out of their training sessions, reinforcing procedures, and maneuvers specific to this aircraft.

The benefits of simulator training are manifold. It allows trainees to practice and refine their skills without the risk and cost associated with actual flight. It also gives them the opportunity to experience a variety of scenarios, including those that might be too dangerous to attempt in a real airplane, such as engine failure or severe weather conditions.

Pattara Aero’s decision to bring the SOLO PRO D4 to Thailand reflects a proactive approach to adapting the latest technologies for improved training outcomes. By leveraging the unique features of these simulators, Pattara Aero can provide comprehensive, high-quality training that integrates theoretical learning with practical, hands-on experience.

Moreover, by focusing on the DA40 aircraft, Pattara Aero ensures trainees gain specialized knowledge of this popular model, making them highly sought-after candidates for future employers. This move can strengthen Thailand’s position as a hub for professional pilot training in the Asia-Pacific region.

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