VirtualFly's DUO PRO G1 Flight Simulator Enhances Aviation Training at Australian University in Kuwait. This installation marks a significant leap in aviation education and training in the Middle East, aligning with AU's mission of providing world-class education and innovative learning methods.

The Australian University in Kuwait takes a significant leap forward in aviation education with the introduction of our FAA certified DUO PRO G1 Flight Simulator. 

The incorporation of our DUO PRO G1 to the Australian University program is especially beneficial for the following courses: Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Mechanical) B1.1 & (Avionics) B2, Diploma of Air Traffic Control, Diploma of Logistics, Bachelor of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Bachelor of Aviation and Airport Operation.

The Australian University of Kuwait also offers foundation courses for pilots who will later be doing their professional flight training in schools both in Europe and the United States. This approach offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ensuring pilots are well-prepared for a wide range of scenarios. State of the art aircraft maintenance training facilities, classrooms, training aids and a live Boeing 737-200 Aircraft, allow for a thorough understanding of the aerospace maintenance industry requirements and practices.

The incorporation of the DUO PRO G1 simulator at the University is expected to yield significant learning outcomes:

The DUO PRO G1 simulator represents a significant advancement in aviation education at Kuwait by providing students with access to high-end technology, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world application.

For more information about the Australian University in Kuwait and its aviation programs, please click here.  For more information about the DUO PRO G1 simulator and its features, please click here.

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