The Cessna 208 Caravan is one of the most used utility aircraft in the planet, and one of the most loved aircraft by pilots worldwide. These were enough reasons for Virtual Fly to think about designing and manufacturing the equipment in mass production for flight schools, universities and specially training centers and Airlines using this aircraft. There are many high quality replica Caravan simulators in the market, but we figured out there was the need of one more, this time at an unbeatable price point, but improving the quality even more.

By 2022, Textron delivered 3,000 aircraft and 24 million flight hours have been logged. Caravans have been used for flight training, commuter airlines, VIP transport, air cargo, and humanitarian missions and we want to help all pilots working on these operations as well as their fligh training operators. That is by the model is being certified by the FAA to be an AATD, and that will help the centers operating the flight simulator in order to get their students refreshed and proficient inhouse with a perfect replica system, rather than spending thousands of dollars by sending them to the real aircraft or expensive Level D simulator locations.


This highly detailed, G1000 configured, spatially adjusted to reality and super realistic device is a full scale representation of a Cessna C208 flight deck layout perfect for:


The next 2 units, which are both FULL MOTION systems are leaving to the USA, but very far away locations from each other. One of the systems is being shipped to GUAM, U.S. island territory in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific distinguished by tropical beaches, Chamorro villages and ancient latte-stone pillars. The flight training center purchasing the flight simulator operates several Caravan airplanes for skydiving, cargo and Passenger operations.


The other unit is going to CHICAGO, at JA AIR operating base. They will be using their full motion device to train pilots from Southern Airways, a commuter airline operating across the United States including its famous Mokuleler Airlines in the Hawaii islands.


Read more about this flight training device here and contact us for further information on pricing and options at


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