OVO-04 Multipurpose GlassCockpit (G1000)


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Sky is earth. Unique full motion flight simulator.

Motion cabin. Single seat. General Aviation. Single & Twin engine.

The OVO-04 is a full motion flight simulator with a heavy duty steel base and frame and a custom designed futuristic fiberglass exterior.

The simulator runs precision motion software that has been developed and continually updated since 2004.

Simulated airplanes: Cessna C-172 & C-182 RG, Mooney Bravo (M20J), Baron B-58.

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All of the moving parts are located inside of the fiberglass exterior thus making the simulator totally safe to use in private locations, public spaces or during events while at the same time facilitating transport and reducing safety distances. This helps decrease the dedicated space requirements for flight training centres and other operators. A simple difference, a brilliant engineering.


Movement is what makes you feel like a spot inside a three-dimensional space. The Motion Software of OVO-04 has been in constant development since 2004. As a result, you got a real feeling of roll, pitch, slide, acceleration, deceleration, banking, turbulence, runway irregularities, engine start, landing impact…


Due to its perfect balance, OVO-04 only requires a small ammount of energy (400w./h.) to convert pilot´s command and airplane/weather parameters into motion.


Robust, Reliable and Realistic
Virtual-Fly product´s durability is a lifetime commitment. We produce Robust, Reliable and Realistic hardware that does not need any IT or DIY tasks from your side in order to active, start-up and enjoy its full performances.
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  • Technical Requirements

Full motion single-seater aircraft with 2 movement axes.

Three 24″ panoramic monitors for landscapes with an angle of vision of 135º. Exterior console with movement selector in positions MANUAL/STOP/FLY, panic button.

Interior console fitted with volume control, panic button, headphone input jack, warning lights for movements, malfunctions and presence detector.

Ventilation system for the pilot with adjustable air flow.

Adjustable pedals and seat in line with pilot’s height.

Aeronautical interior cabin finish.

Windscreen with views over landscapes to allow for the enhancement of genuine flight experiences.

Simulation software: FSX or Prepar3D.


Truly real flight sensations thanks to 100% immersion offered by the enclosed cabin.

Flight controls of the YOKO, TQ and RUDDO series, to exert the same stress as in real aircraft.

All movement mechanisms are hidden making the simulators totally safe in public places.

Compact simulators that do not require extra installation or start-up tasks.

Realistic sensation of pitching, rolling, yawing, skidding, acceleration, braking, wind turbulence, runway irregularities, engine start-up, touchdown…

Smart lighting system that changes cabin light intensity depending on whether it is a day or night flight, dusk or dawn.

Ideal for flight schools that wish to study the behavior of their students in emergency scenarios.

More than 12,000 hours have already been tested on the trial device.

Includes internet connection for remote assistance scenarios aimed at simulator diagnosis.

Ergonomic and elegant design.

High levels of energy efficiency. Operates with any 115–230 VAC socket.

Technical Descript. / Instruments

Incorporated Security Measures:
Emergency shutdown button for the interior cabin and exterior console.
Exterior flashing pilot light warning of the machine in motion.
Open door sensor that stops movement until it is closed.
Cabin interior natural ventilation system and forced by ventilators.
Bucket-type seat that does not require seatbelt.
Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) that allows for the activation of the self-leveling mechanisms and emergency lighting should the electricity supply fail. EC Markings.

Technical Data:
Power Supply: 115–230 VAC
Nominal intensity – maximum intensity (at 230 VAC): 2–4.4 amp
Pitching and yawing angle: -25° <-> +25°
Pitching and yawing speed: 18º/s

Weight – simulator dimensions: 1,000Kg. – 2,4m. (Width) X 2,1m. (Length) X 2m. (Height)
Payload: 350Kg.

Instruments & Equipment:
Yoke: YOKO made with aluminum and 144mm. of travelling on push-pull pitch axis.
Rudder Pedals: RUDDO Pedals with load cells on its differential brakes.
Lights panel: Beacon, Landing, Taxi, Nav., Strobe, Recog. Panel lights.
Switches: stby. cac, cow flaps left & right engine, alt. static air, boost pump left & right engine, prop. sync., speed brake, Pitot heat, flaps control, parking break, carburetor heat left & right engine.
De-Ice panel: boot, prop, surface and windshield.
Fuel panel: on, off, cross-feeding for left & right engine.
Ignition panel: master avionics, battery, alternator, 2 magnetos, prime and start for left & right engine.
Throttle quadrant: throttle, propeller and mixture for left & right engine that allows to fly also single engine airplanes.
Cabin ventilation: with switches for fan 1 & 2.
Trim panel: for pitch, roll and yawn.
GARMIN G1000 screens: with audio panel in between, 1 x PFD + 1 x MFD.
Garmin Screens Frame (PFD & MFD): Volume push-ID, Volume push-SQ, NAV push 1-2, HDG push HDG SYNC, COM push 1-2, CRS- BARO push CRS CTR, RANGE +/- push PAN, AP, FD, HDG, ALT, NAV, VNV, APR, BC, VS, nose UP, FLC, nose DN, ALT, D, MENU, FPL, PROC, CLR, ENT FMS push CRSR.
Crew ICS Isolation: PILOT, COPLT; Display Backup.
Other: Landing gear lever: with one red light for “In Trans” and three green lights for “Gear Down & Locked”. PC1 start, PC2 start, 4 USB, Breaker.
Safety Control: with switch for motion selection (on/off), emergency stop and motion lights. Audio & ventilation control.

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements:
Domestic power outlet 115–230 VAC with ground socket. 30 mA domestic differential switch.
Space needed to house device: 2m. (Length) X 2.4m. (Width) X 2m. (Height).
Leveled floor (the support surface of the simulator on the ground is 1.05m. X 1.9m.). For its proper placement, an enclosed perimeter of 3m. X 3m. base + 2.5m. in height is advisable.
Dry and clean premises (not suitable for use outdoors).
Access door 2m. (Width) X 2.05m. (Height).

Other specifications:
Transport not included. Applicable fees or duties not included.


How is remote assistance requested?

By sending an email to [email protected] and indicating your issue. Our technical support staff will provide you with instructions for working ONLINE.

How long is the warranty period for Virtual-Fly products?

Virtual-Fly is compliant with international legislation in force: 1 year for repair work and materials, and a further year solely for materials.

Do they need special anchor bolts on the floor?

No, our simulators only need a flat and even surface onto which they can be installed.

Are they difficult to install?

The simulator is supplied fully assembled, meaning you only have to remove it from the interior of the wooden box, unscrew the support stops and plug it into the power supply. You also have the option of having the Virtual-Fly service team install it for you.

How do I contract transport?

The delivery of this flight simulator may be made by air, maritime or land freight. Virtual-Fly is familiarised with the processes, packaging and documentation necessary meaning we can advise you the best options and procedures.

What type of help will I receive?

Remote control access to the simulator computer, videoconferences, telephone helpline and personal helpdesk, if necessary, via the technical team of the distributor closest to you or from the staff of Virtual-Fly.

For the same price, can I buy an airplane?

Yes, nowadays second hand General Aviation airplanes or brand new Light Aircrafts have a similar price in comparison with this simulator. The difference is that buying an airplane requires an extra constant investment to face the costs of fuel, maintenance, overhauls, taxes, documentation, revisions and more. There is nothing like flying an airplane but the simulator will help you as a basic trainer, to practice procedures or to face the new situations that can only be tested in a virtual life.

For the same price, can I build my own simulator?

You can try to do it, but the final results cannot be assured. The difference is that Virtual-Fly is already on the market with a standard product and can offer a fixed price and delivery time with included warranty and that means that the buyer has the chance to save time, money and worries and enjoy in the end a State-of-the-Art simulator with full support from the manufacturer.

How long does it take to receive the unit?

Virtual-Fly is not a car factory. Every customer receives a State-of-the-Art flight simulator that must pass all the Quality and Test Standards of each customer, so no stocks are ready for commercial orders. Therefore, the production time is 18 weeks plus transport.

What happens when I buy I buy it?

Virtual-Fly starts working when the payment by bank transfer, Pay Pal or credit card is received. At that time, we pack the requested unit and sent directly to the customer’s home or manufacture it in the case of not having stock.

How to know when it will get my product?

The production and delivery deadlines are updated and specified in the budgets made with our sales department and the Web-Shop. Once the product is shipped you can ask for the tracking number that informs you on real time about where the product is and when will it arrive to you.

What do I do when they deliver it to me?

Open the box and check that it’s there and the product´s unit is in perfect condition. If there is any damage to the box or the product, you must notify the shipping company’s employee to pursue the pertinent claim. Then follow the steps in the Instruction Manual or call us if you have any questions or queries.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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