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Changing Home Flight Simulation forever. A multi-aircraft G1000 cockpit designed to have fun and train at home with your favorite glass cockpit aircraft.

Flight Panel. Single seat. General Aviation. Single & Twin engine Piston. Glass Cockpit.

A flight panel designed not only to have the best of fun, flying your favourite G1000 aircraft, but also to evolve on you flight training at home. Single & twin engine Piston and turboprop GA aircraft. All in the same flight panel simulator. As easy as selecting the desired cockpit in a few seconds you will go from single engine to twin, from piston to turboprop.

You can now complete flight training lessons by practising at home with these airplanes flown during your flight license lessons.


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SOLOAirliner´s front cockpit is a touchscreen where all gauges are displayed. That makes possible to show different airplane cockpits just by selecting it from a default Options Menu as well as interacting directly on its buttons with your fingerstips.


It works with a SSD processor inside in order to increase the realism and satisfaction of your experience because:
It does not consume resources from the computer where you have FS2004, FSX or Prepar3D installed.
It generates higher resolution and fluidity of graphics on the indicators and better frames per second ratio on the Flight Simulator experience.
It allows direct connection through Internet between your DUO Flight Panel and the manufacturer in case you need technical assistance.


Robust, Reliable and Realistic
Virtual-Fly product´s durability is a lifetime commitment. We produce Robust, Reliable and Realistic hardware that does not need any IT or DIY tasks from your side in order to active, start-up and enjoy its full performances.


It is that easy. Double click on the driver you will find on a PenDrive when unboxing and both computers, yours and SOLO´s, will communicate each other and set up all you need to start flying. No IT tasks from you. No DIY. Just Plug&Fly.
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  • Technical Descript.
  • Technical Requirements

G1000 glasscockpit panel for single-engine and twin-engine piston and turboprop aircraft. Compatible with X-Plane and MSFS2020 (aircrafts using the default G1000). It is also compatible with F1tech Student PRO which is compatible with Prepar3D. 2 video outputs and 1 USB port are needed on the simulator computer. No G1000 software is included.

The following aircrafts can be flown:

X-Plane 11
- Cessna 172 Skyhawk
- Columbia 4000
- Cirrus Vision SF50
- And any third party aircraft that uses default X-Plane 11 G1000

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
- Cessna 172 Skyhawk
- King Air
- Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
- Beechcraft Baron 58
- Beechcraft Bonanza G36
- Cirrus SR22
- Diamond DA40
- Diamond DA62

Flight1Tech G1000 Student Pro
- Cessna 172S
- Cessna 172R
- Cessna 182T
- Cessna T182T
- Cessna 206H
- Cessna T206H
- Cessna 172S NXi
- Cessna 182T NXi
- Cessna T206H NXi
- Diamond DA40
- Diamond DA42NG
- Beechcraft Baron 58

Technical Descript. / Instruments

Plug&Fly technology
As we give you all indications so you can install it yourself without any computer knowledge.

Dimensions and weight: 44cm. (High) X 22cm. (depth) X 80cm. (Width) - 18 KG

Multi-purpose so you the engine start panel adapts automatically to any type of aircraft.

When you choose a different engine type (e.g. PISTON to TURBOPROP) you can change the designation of the panel buttons through screen-printed magnetic labels in a matter of seconds.

Garmin G1000 backlit and identical to the real Garmin G1000 in size, shape and feel of the buttons and rotary knobs.

Audio panel with indications of the status of communications through the triangles.

Technical Requirements

- 2 video cables (to transfer image from PFD and MFD).
- 1 USB cable for the sitches, rotating and led indicators.
- 1 power cable to 115-230VAC.

Minimum requirements:
Computer with X-Plane11 and/or FS2020 and/or P3D+Student PRO from F1tech.

Recommended requirements:
Flight controls: 1 Yoke + 1 set (Throttle, Propeller, twin-engine Mixture) and 1 pedals.

Other specifications:
Transportation not included. Taxes or Duties not included.

X-Plane 11
F1tech P3D+Student PRO


How is remote assistance requested?

By sending an email to [email protected] and indicating your issue. Our technical support staff will provide you with instructions for working ONLINE.

How long is the warranty period for Virtual-Fly products?

Virtual-Fly is compliant with international legislation in force: 1 year for repair work and materials, and a further year solely for materials.

Does the control panel come fully assembled?

Yes, no extra assembly tasks are required.

What exactly is plug&fly technology?

All of the panels belonging to the SOLOFlightPanel and DUOFlightPanel family work with an internal computer. These computers connect to a MFS-Prepar3D via a network cable, no type of video cable or USB is needed.

Must I execute any driver on the computer that runs MFS/Prepar3D?

Yes, this is a small driver (communications plugin) which is supplied on a portable memory drive.

Must I have FSUIPC installed?

Yes, our panels work with both the free version as well as the paid version of FSUIPC. If you do not have either of the two, the free version will be supplied on a portable memory drive.

I do not know how to set up a computer network, will this cause me any problems in terms of start-up?

Not at all, our plugin recognises the computer that is on the network with MFS-Prepar3D and automatically connects. Should a connection not be successful, Virtual-Fly’s technical support team will connect remotely to activate your panel at no cost.

How can I select the instruments panel according to the aircraft type?

This is very simple. You only have to press on combination of keys on the panel.

Why is an internal computer included?

The internal computer carries out all of the functions of the instrument panel, along with the visualisation and movement of the instruments. For this reason, your computer with MFS can use all of its resources for the simulator’s scenarios.

With which aircraft is it compatible?

Our panels are compatible with all MFS-Prepar3D aircraft. However, there is a large family of manufacturers of ADDONS whose products we have tested and shown they work, e.g. CARENADO (100%).

What happens when I buy it?

Virtual -Fly starts working when the payment by bank transfer, Pay Pal or credit card is received. At that time, we pack the requested unit and sent directly to the customer’s home or manufacture it in the case of not having stock.

How to know when it will get my product?

The production and delivery deadlines are updated and specified in the budgets made with our sales department and the Web-Shop. Once the product is shipped you can ask for the tracking number that informs you on real time about where the product is and when will it arrive to you.

Is it easy to shift from single-engine piston aircraft to turbo-propeller or reactor aircraft?

Very easy and it only takes 20 seconds. You just have to press a key on the panel and stick in place a series of magnetic panels that change the descriptions of the functions of the engine start-up buttons, automatic pilot and EFIS.

What does (+ $49 US dollars) for Boeing 737 systems mean?

The client must buy the communications plugin (Aerosystems) linking MFS/Prepar3D and the Panel.
This driver must be installed in the MFS/Prepar3D computer.

If I already own an Aerosystems licence, must I buy it again?

No, not at all.

Which simulation programs are they compatible with?

FSX, Prepar3D, FSX S.E.

What do I do when they deliver it to me?

Open the box and check that it’s there and the product´s unit is in perfect condition. If there is any damage to the box or the product, you must notify the shipping company’s employee to pursue the pertinent claim. Then follow the steps in the Instruction Manual or call us if you have any questions or queries.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 22 × 80 × 44 cm

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