Virtual-Fly offers its Research & Development capabilities to those parties interested in outsourcing their creative and design processes.

Research & Development is in the deepest DNA of the company as, from our beginnings in 2004, we were interested in doing something truly new, never seen before. It took us 7 years and 4 prototypes to create our first product, OVO-04, and that made Virtual-Fly keen on innovation and creativity.



Most of the products made by Virtual-Fly were triggered by a customer that required a specific solution. Some of these products progress afterwards beyond their first prototype and serial number into a more extended production. Others don´t, as the customer may keep the property of the blueprints or because their functionality is too specific.

Independently of the reason that leads to create a new product for a customer, there is a main philosophy of creativeness. Among all possible guides, models and methods, Virtual-Fly likes the Creative Solution Diagnosis Scale (CSDS) specifically made for the Innovation Management.

The CSDS is a theoretical model consisting of 5 main criteria to ensure that creativity is functional. These main criteria are: Relevance & Effectiveness, Problematization, Propulsion, Elegance, Genesis.



Outsourcing your Research & Development process implies saving time and money for your company. All the successful products have a constant; they are offering a new solution to an existing problem. Therefore, inventors move away from the axiom “same things, same results”.

Outsourcing the research & development process can be a smart decision to acquire knowledge, technology and intellectual property. Virtual-Fly works close with its customers in order to provide simulators through more reliable and safer processes of creativeness, design, computer programming and prototyping.



These innovations are integrated in Virtual-Fly products for the purpose of improving our customer´s simulation experience.


OVO-04, sky is earth

OVO-04 is a flight simulator cabin built as a vehicle training structure based on two independent axes capable of offering a 2 D.O.F. (Degrees-of-motion) experience ruled by the user through customized drivers or even through out-of-shelve flight simulator software.

That engineering design makes OVO-04 one of the first, if not the first, simulator with its motion mechanisms hidden inside its exterior case. That makes OVO-04 fully immersive, portable, totally safe, low consumption and maintenance-free.


SOLOFlightPanel, the sky inside your house

SOLOFlightPanel is an airplane cockpit simulator where the interior 24” TFT shows the airplane´s gauges through a beveled front metal cover appearing as real analogic indicators and ruled by the user through customized drivers or even through out-of-shelve flight simulator software.

Its novelty relies on the processor installed inside SOLO´s case that supports the graphics resolution and performance for saving the resources of the main PC where the software simulator is installed and SOLOFlightPanel is plugged in. That processor also allows a remote control session through internet from Virtual-Fly Technical department to resolve any software incidence. As a result, our customer receives a ready to fly product with a faster unboxing and more comfortable user experience.


RUDDO Pedals – Step on for real

Take a look at the rudder pedals in the flight simulation market. What do you find?

Here, at Virtual Fly, when we thought about designing and producing our own rudder pedals, we decided not to compete in price. We wanted to provide innovation, quality and extreme realism.

At Virtual-Fly we always try to give a touch of innovation in everything we make. And on top of that we want to provide our clients with life-long lasting rudder pedals.

And that’s how we came up with the design of RUDDO Pedals: Metal case, alloy pedals, metallic mobile parts, aeronautical look, realistic ergonomics, and the most important feature, its main innovation, the load cells on both its differential breaks.

These load cells allow us to register the force you apply on the pedals without using springs or mobile parts, which are put through great pressure; this assures a superior performance and durability.

These may not be the cheapest rudder pedals you can find in the market, but we can assure you that they are the most robust, reliable and realistic product in their category.


TQ3 & TQ6 Throttle Quadrants – Hands on for real

Your hands are the most sensitive parts of your body. They let you sense everything you touch, the texture, the shape, the finish.

That’s why, when at Virtual-Fly we decided to design and produce our own throttle quadrant, we did it thinking about the sensations that your touch would sense when putting your hand on top of it.

We wanted the throttle quadrant TQ3 and TQ6 to allow the user to have the exact same sensation they are looking for. But every single person has its own taste and preferences. Solution? To put a little device on the side of the quadrant so you can adjust the hardness when moving the throttle, pitch and mixture levers. That will allow the user to find their suitable and preferred way to move the levers.

We also deliver the throttle quadrant with a special driver that allows the user to assign reverse functionalities, feather function and mixture cut-off without having to access the menus with the keyboard on the FSX or P3D.

All of which does not handicap the realism, reliability and durability that we apply on all of our products.



UAV Ground Control Station

Our customer needed a Ground Station for its Heavy Duty UAV and Virtual-Fly accepted the challenge. Virutal-Fly satisfied its customer by applying a R&D process that made possible some high added value changes on Virtual-Fly´s SOLOFlightPanel complemented by a YOKO (yoke), rudder pedals, 2 computers, 4 screens and all together on a structure that can fit inside a regular van.

Then, the programming team at Virtual-Fly made the arrangements required by the customer in order to display all the flight controls, gauges, navigational aids and communications systems on the flight panel.