General FAQ s

How is remote assistance requested?
By sending an email to [email protected] and indicating your issue. Our technical support staff will provide you with instructions for working ONLINE.

Where is the downloads section?
Top right part of the webpage and you have an entry button in every product page

How long is the warranty period for Virtual-Fly products?
Virtual-Fly is compliant with international legislation in force: 1 year for repair work and materials, and a further year solely for materials.

Which simulation programs are they compatible with?
With all the simulation programs as the computer recognises them as “games devices”. The Software offered by Virtual-Fly to facilitate set-up, which can be found at DOWNLOADS section is compatible with FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D and Flight Controls also with Xplane

What happens when I buy it?
Virtual-Fly starts working when the payment by bank transfer, Pay Pal or credit card is received. At that time, we pack the requested unit and sent directly to the customer’s home. We always have stock of all our products, but in the case we haven’t got it or it is a Pre Order, we then manufacture it and let the client know when we will send the products.

How to know when it will get my product?
The production and delivery deadlines are updated and specified in the budgets made with our sales department and the Web-Shop. Once the product is shipped you can ask for the tracking number that informs you in real time where the product is and when will it arrive to you.

What do I do when they deliver it to me?
Open the box and check that it’s there and the product´s unit is in perfect condition. If there is any damage to the box or the product, you must notify the shipping company’s employee to pursue the pertinent claim. Then follow the steps in the Instruction Manual or call us/email us if you have any questions or queries.


What is the ‘+’ for on the Flight Controls?
Our flight controls have turned PLUS after adding Hall Effect Sensors to all of them, making them lifetime products.

If the pedals brake by pressure, do they move to brake?
Yes, the pedals tilt when we squeeze them like a real airplane.

How do they work and what pressure sensors serve ?
They serve to deliver the maximum of realism, when you drive a bike, motorcycle, car, etc … to brake there is always a first movement in the control that does not affect much the braking of the vehicle, however, if we continue to tighten the movement of the control is much smaller but braking much higher as we exert more pressure. The pressure sensors also detect not only the displacement of the pedals, but also detect the pressure you exert on them.

With which simulation software are the flight controls compatible?
With all the simulation software since the computer recognizes them as “game devices”. The software offered by VirtualFly to facilitate configuration is compatible with FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D and Xplane.


Are the Flight panels fully assembled?
Yes, you do not need to do any extra assembly work.

What is the plugandfly technology?
All Flight panels work with an internal computer, these computers connect to MFS-Prepar3D via network cable, no video cable or USB is needed. Only USB panels are needed with flight controls.

Should I install a software on my MFS / Prepar 3D computer?
Yes, check the manual for your Flight panel and you’ll find everything you need on the downloads section.

Should I have FSUIPC installed?
Yes, our panels work with both the free and paid version of FSUIPC, if you do not have any of the 2 we provide you with the free version with a pendrive. Do not configure a computer network, this is going to pose a problem for the start-up? Not at all, our pluggin recognizes the computer that is networked with the MFS-Prepar3D and connects automatically. If you do not connect, VirtualFly technical support will connect remotely to activate your panel for free. How can I select the instrument panel according to the type of aircraft? It’s very easy, you just have to press a combination of panel keys.

Why is an internal computer included?
The internal computer performs all the management of the instrument panel, visualization and movement of the instruments, for this reason your computer with MFS can use all its resources for the scenarios of the simulator.

With what aircraft is it compatible?
Our Sims are compatible with all MFS-Prepar3D “default” aircraft, however, there is a large family of ADDONS manufacturers that we have tested and operated with.

Solo Airliner: Is it easy to switch from piston aircraft to turbo-prop aircraft or reactors?
Very easy, you will need 20 seconds. You just have to press a panel key and paste some magnetic panels that change the descriptions of the functions of the start buttons of the motors, autopilot and EFIS.

Solo Airliner: What does it mean (+ $ 49Australiandollars) for the Boeing 737 systems?
The customer must purchase the communication plug-in (Aerosystems) between MFS / Prepar3D and the Panel. http://www.aerosoft.com.au/aerosoft_australia/buy.html. This driver must be installed on the MFS / Prepar3D computer.

Solo Airliner: If I already have the Aerosystems license, should I buy it again?
Not at all. Do panels with Garmim G1000 need to fly MFS / Prepar3D aircraft with G1000? It is not necessary, G1000 panels are also compatible with analog panel aircraft.


Do I need special anchors in the ground?
No, our simulators only need a regular and level surface to be installed.

Are they difficult to install?
The simulator is fully assembled when shipped to the client. You only have to extract it from inside a wooden box, move it with its rotating wheels, screw the support legs and plug into the electrical outlet. You have the option of ordering the installation from the VirtualFly technical service.

How do I order transportation?
Delivery can be done by air, sea or land transport. Virtual-Fly is familiar with the processes, packaging and documents necessary for transport so, for greater customer satisfaction, we help you in everything you need.

What kind of help do I receive?
Remote access to the simulator’s computer, videoconferences, telephone assistance and personal assistance, if necessary, through the technical team of the nearest distributor or the VIRTUAL FLY personnel.