Whether you are planning on offering innovative flight training technology or flying at home, Virtual-Fly has some unique, plug-and-fly, durable simulators delivering a quality flight experience for all different needs and purposes.

From full motion flight experience to static cockpits and controls. Professional flight training companies can enjoy our portable, cost-effective and maintenance-free OVO-04 full motion flight simulator or even the side-by-side full motion platform.

Home users can buy a finished product or build up their own device by integrating Virtual-Fly hardware depending of their flight experience evolution and Flight Simulator Centers suitable for custom integration on their business projects.


Training – Flight School

Boost the profitability of your simulation training by avoiding variable costs and technical incidences. Make your flight school more attractive to new generations by upgrading your fleet with an OVO-04. Increase the value of your premises by placing the latest technology, a Full Motion Flight Simulator. Virtual-Fly motion cabins can capture student-pilots for basic training as well as keeping your licensed pilots on the flight school by offering them new courses available 365 days per year in categories with higher cost and real life risk as IFR, short airstrips, bad weather conditions, night flight, mountain flight…


Home user

Your passion for aviation is finally rewarded with our range of products. We can deliver reliable and realistic training and entertainment, 365 days of fliying per year so you can be more prepared for real flights and at the same time spent more time at home. Your kids and friends can even gain their first wings with you! Discover the possibilities and enjoy this passion with the latest technology.


Flight Simulation Center

The simulator is the long awaited link between today´s aviation and the mass society. If you are someone who thinks that there is a pilot fighting to get out of every one of us then you are the right person to open a flight simulation center. You may already manage a project related to aviation such as a pilot shop, a museum, an association, or maybe you are already offering simulation to the public but with static side-by-side airliner simulators…if this is the case then you should give us a call.


Aero Promo

Your aviation business can enjoy a fast and reliable full motion flight simulator OVO-04 or the two-seater side-by-side full motion platform in order to get the attention of new customers as well as increasing loyalty of your members and regulars. Everybody loves having a go on a full motion flight experience. Previous placements have demonstrated that a few days in operation are enough for users to create remarkable memories. The promotional service is offered with the packing, transport, operator training and filming.


Leissure Bussiness

Full Motion Flight Simulators will make your customers return and recommend the experience to others. More public, staying longer in premises and an increase in billing, are all possible with one asset that has no variable cost. Your business deserves a motion flight simulator truly prepared to make aviation as profitable as it is portable, durable, versatile, compact and electric, with no preventive maintenance, extremely low consumption and even more, it is prepared for all users, as its difficulty, realism and motion performance can be graduated depending on the experience that the user is looking for.