Since 2004, Virtual-Fly designs and produces its own simulators from scratch, focusing on lifetime long lasting useful products by using solid materials and a quality process in every unit before being dispatched to its owner. But Virtual-Fly is also there for you in case you need flight simulator technical support…we do care.

In case of incidence…



You can receive the official technical service training in order to solve your own hardware and software incidences. Come to the factory and get your degree in 5 days. Only 3% of incidences require specific training but this degree also ensures avoidance of major incidences in the future and enables the upgrading into a Distribution role of Virtual-Fly products.



Our technical department can be reached directly by telephone in order to receive and start a fast diagnose of the incidence. 75% of the technical support services are solved by telephone as most of the incidences are due to procedure misinterpretations.



If it’s not possible to find a solution through a telephone call, we will establish a remote control session with you through TeamViewer. That will let us work on the PC installed inside the simulator. 21% of the incidences come to this stage.



If there is no other solution, we will send a technician along with the tools and spare parts kit after diagnosing the incidence by telephone and/or remote session. Only 1% of incidences need for a technical visit.


Build for lasting

Virtual-Fly products are based in a total opposition to the built-in obsolescence. In accordance with the policy, the OVO weights one Ton and it is made with 850 kilograms of a solid steel structure, fiberglass exterior and high quality finishes. As an example, every OVO unit has to pass a stress-test consisting in supporting one Ton of weight on the pitch axis without flexing more than a few millimeters. Once the test is successful the unit can continue in the construction process.


Where is the limit?

That is a good question and Virtual-Fly works hard to get the answer. We have an OVO-04 unit on automatic flight twenty four hours a day, seven days a week in its factory in Spain. The unit has accumulated more than 12,000 hours so far. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the operational capability and lack of technical issues of the full motion flight simulator OVO-04 in extended use situations such as those carried out by flight schools or virtual flight centers. This study also justifies Virtual-Fly´s low operating cost of the simulator, the low technical training required for its daily operations and its ability to meet Heavy Duty use.



You can get into the sim industry by becoming Virtual-Fly´s Official Technical Service. The final approval and recognition is signed by Virtual-Fly and allows the benefactor to attend and invoice directly to the customer / owner of the simulator under the following duties: Packing and import management, Reception, unload and unboxing, Installation and set-up, Customization of software and cockpit, Repairmen, Hardware incidences, Software incidences and Equipment substitution. The Technical Service degree is mandatory prior to develop any distribution role.



You can manage the delivery of your full motion flight simulators, flight panels and other products directly from the factory or you can let Virtual-Fly arrange it for you. We know what to do in order to deliver our products ready to fly. Have a look at our packing and loading process videos.


OVO-04 – Air & Sea freight


OVO-04 – Non-Groupage Transport Loading