Full Motion Flight Simulator

OVO-04 full motion flight simulator completely surrounds you for a true virtual flight experience. Innovation, durability and realism for training and entertainment.


Motion is everything

movement is what makes you feel like a spot inside a three-dimensional space. The Motion Software of OVO-04 has been in constant developing since 2004. As a result you got a real feeling of roll, pitch, slide, acceleration, deceleration, banking, turbulence, runway irregularities, engine start, landing impact…


all Virtual-Fly products pass a quality process at the factory and they are all flown for several hours before being delivered to the final customer. The result is that our customer has no need of IT skills or any tasks to start using the simulator and so they enjoy a fast, comfy and easy purchase and start-up process

Enclosed Cabin

all of the moving parts are located inside of the fiberglass exterior thus making the simulator totally safe to use in private locations, public spaces or during events while at the same time facilitating transport and reducing safety distances. This helps decrease the dedicated space requirements for flight training centres and other operators. A simple difference, a brilliant engineering.

OVO-04 BASIC: Description & Equipment


This model, OVO-04 Basic General Aviation (GA) Cabin, is based in a high wing, single piston engine airplane with a four seats in a side-by-side configuration: pilot and co-pilot plus two passengers on a back row. It allows to fly both the fixed and retractable landing gear version.
Performance of simulated airplane:
  • Length: 27.2 ft.
  • Wingspan: 31.6 ft.
  • Height: 8.9 ft.
  • Wing area: 174.4 sq. ft.
  • Empty weight: 1,330 lb.
  • Useful load: 920 lb.
  • Max. take-off weight: 2,250 lb.
  • Power plant: 1 × Lycoming O-360, 180 hp. (135 kW.)
  • Maximum speed: 121 knots
  • Cruise speed: 114 knots
  • Range: 515 nm.
  • Service ceiling: 14,200 ft.
  • Rate of climb: 675 ft. / min.


  • INDICATORS: IAS, attitude, altímeter, VOR1, turn coordinator, vertical speed, VOR2, ADF, R.P.M., compass, ClLock-chronometer and OAT-Volts, BIP, Fuel level L & R (2), EGT and fuel flow, oil pressure and temperature, VAC and Amps.
  • LIGHTS PANEL: Beacon, Landing, Taxi, Nav., Strobe
  • SWITCHES: Stby. Vac., Fuel Pump, Pitot Heat, Cabin Ventilation
  • IGNITION PANEL: Master Alt., Master Bat., Avionics master, 5 positions oignition key (off, R, L, both, start).
  • VERNIER CONTROLS: throttle, propeller control and mixture
  • OTHER: Flaps control UP/DOWN (4 positions), Parking Break, Elev. Trim compensator wheel, Fuel Tank selector OFF/Left/Right/Both, Panel Lights ON/OFF, redundant AutoPilot.


OVO-04 ADVANCED: Description & Equipment


This OVO-04 model, the Advanced General Aviation (GA) Cabin, incudes a electric flaps and trim controls as the main flight difference with the Basic GA Cabin model.
This model is based in a low wing, single piston engine airplane with a four seats in a side-by-side configuration: pilot and co-pilot plus two passengers on a back row.
Performance of simulated airplane:

  • Length: 26 ft.
  • Wingspan: 36 ft.
  • Height: 8 ft.
  • Wing area: 175 sq. ft.
  • Empty weight: 2370 lb.
  • Useful load: 1004 lb.
  • Max. take-off weight: 3374 lb.
  • Power plant: 1 × Continental TSIO-550-G Turbo-normalized, 280 hp. (171 kW)
  • Maximum speed: 242 knots
  • Cruise speed: 237 knots
  • Range: 1445 nm
  • Service ceiling: 25,000 ft.
  • Rate of climb: 1240 ft./min.


  • INDICATORS: IAS, attitude, altimeter, NBD, manifold / fuel pressure, turn coordinator, HIS, climb rate, ADF, propeller RPM, compass, flaps position, elevator trim position.
  • LIGHTS PANEL: Landing, Taxi, Recog., Nav., Strobe
  • SWITCHES: Auto pilot ON/OFF, elevator trim ON/OFF, boost pump ON/OFF.
  • RADIOSTACK: Nav1 / Nav2, Com1 / Com2, Transponder, AutoPilot, ADF / DME, Back Information.
  • IGNITION PANEL: Master, Alternator, Radio Master, 5 positions ignition key.
  • VERNIER CONTROLS: throttle, propeller and mixture
  • OTHER: Flaps control UP/DOWN (3 positions), landing gear lever, propeller heat, Stby. Vac., alternative static source, ram air, parking break, cowl flaps, defroster, cabin heat, fuel tank selector OFF/Left/Right, Panel Lights ON/OFF.

All OVOs include:


  • Full closed cockpit with full movement to provide sensations of twisting, pitching, slipping, acceleration and braking both at the runway and in the air. Vibration systems for the simulation of air turbulences, runway irregularities, engine vibration and jolting from engine ignition.
  • Safety console: Motion Selector ON/OFF, Panic Button, volume control, ventilation control, headsets input and motion-fault-presence blinking lights
  • Pedals and seat adjustable to pilot’s height
  • Aeronautical finishing of cockpit interior
  • Three 24″ TFT Panoramic Monitors for landscape viewing
  • Adjustable, high-quality speakers and  sound regulator
  • Landscape viewing windshields for greater realism in flight
  • SAI: It is an Uninterrupted Feed System enabling the activation of self-levelling mechanisms and emergency lighting systems in cases of power supply failure

Safety Measures:

  • Emergency stop button inside cockpit
  • Emergency stop button at instructor’s position
  • Pilot indicator light for “moving machinery” warning
  • Open door sensor, which stops movements
  • Natural and forced (air vent) ventilating system inside cockpit
  • Lateral entrance door to a wide and accessible cockpit
  • Enclosing seat, no seat belt required
  • Soundproofing
  • Self-levelling system: Every time we choose during the flight, we can activate the self-levelling system in order to come out of the cockpit once it has been levelled
  • CE manufacturing certificate

External Cabinet:

  • Incorporated PC with FSX simulation software, also available FS2004 and Prepar3d
  • Supervisor position: computer cabinet with TFT 24″ for flight monitoring (landscapes), Mouse and keyboard for the activation of software programs and emergency stop

Operating Modes:

  • On “Easy” mode: maximum fun for all ages
  • On “Professional” mode it is suitable for pilots who want to improve their professional technique, and IFR instrumental flight

Technical Details:

  • Nominal intensity: 2 A.
  • Maximum intensity: 4.4 A.
  • Roll angles:  -30° <-> +30°
  • Pitch angles: -30° <-> +30°
  • Roll speed: 22.5 / sg.
  • Pitch speed: 22.5 / sg.
  • Simulator weight: 1.000 kg.
  • External cabinet weight: 117 Kg.
  • Simulation software:  Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • Feed tension: 220VAC, mono, 50 Hz.

Technical requirements:

  • 220 VAC domestic power supply with earth wire (2A nominal consumption) and 30 mA. domestic differential switch.
  • Area for installation: 2m. (length) X 2,4m. (width) X 2m. (height)
  • In public places, a closed perimeter of 3m. X 3m. is advised
  • Clean and dry room (not suitable for outdoor use).

Click this link to check the results of the poll made to more than 1.000 people that flew the OVO-04 Full Motion Flight Simulator.


OVO-04 models can include a Glasscockpit simulating the GarminG1000. Virtual-Fly uses licensed software from Flight1Tech in order to improve as much as possible the realism of the navigational duties with glasscockpit technology. Plus, Virtual-Fly makes its own metal frame with the same dimensions as in the real equipment. The result is a full operational G1000 both for the OVO-04 Basic and the OVO-04 Advanced.

glass cockpit flight training on OVO-04 full motion flight simulator


Leave your student and users alone inside the OVO-04 for a superior experience meanwhile you cntrol the whole session from outside. Upgrade your OVO-04 for a full flight training experience with the Instructor Station. It is a LapTop Intel Core i5 that includes:

  • Google Earth link for tracking the flight route.
  • instruction software where you can change the weahter, airplane failures and flight location.
  • video software that captures and displays the images from the two interior cams catching the user´s face and cockpit.
  • Push-to-Talk button on the OVO-04 Yoke plus intercom with two aeronautical headsets.


Control your student-pilots session with OVO-04 Instructor Station


OVO-04 is the small, electric flight simulator made of iron, fiber glass and high quality finishing that features technical and material advantages in a durable, versatile and smart device. It is perfect for training and entertainment and enables you to enjoy either VFR or IFR. It is ideal for preparation or experience of all kinds of weather conditions, Glass Cockpit, communications or just online community flights through any internet flight platform.

OVO-04 uses Microsoft Flight Simulator X, although it can also use Prepar3d and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or Prepar3d. In addition, a specific Motion Software made by Virtual-Fly is needed to connect the FSX with the motion engines depending on the reactions of the pilot, the aerodynamics of the airplane and the physics of the atmosphere and meteorology that occur at the same time in every flight.

Yes, nowadays second hand General Aviation airplanes or brand new Light Aircrafts have a similar price in comparison with an OVO-04. The difference is that buying an airplane requires an extra constant investment to face the costs of fuel, maintenance, overhauls, taxes, documentation, revisions and more. There is nothing like flying an airplane but the simulator will help you as a basic trainer, to practice procedures or to face the new situations that can only be tested in a virtual life.

You can try to do it, but the final results cannot be assured. The difference is that Virtual-Fly is already on the market with a standard product and can offer a fixed price and delivery time with included warranty and that means that the buyer has the chance to save time, money and worries and enjoy in the end a State-of-the-Art simulator with full support from the manufacturer.

Virtual-Fly is not a car factory. Every customer receives a State-of-the-Art simulator that must pass all the Quality and Test Standards of each customer, so no stocks are ready for commercial orders. Therefore, the production time is 18 weeks plus transport.

OVO-04 can be delivered through Air Freight, Sea Shipmentor terrestrial transport. Virtual-Fly knows the packing, documents and details included in the process, so it can be managed and coursed for the customer to increase satisfaction with service.

Virtual-Fly delivers the unit at national customs, with all documentation ready inside a wooden box with the OVO-04 simulator and another box for the External Console.

Virtual-Fly or its Official Dealers are present at the destination point when the OVO-04 arrives in order to show the customer how to download it from the transport, unpack it and set it up. A training programme is also available for understanding all possible configurations of realism, movement and possible support channels.

Yes, there is. Virtual-Fly complies with the International Standard Regulation on these issues with 2 years of warranty for equipment and 1 year for assembly work.

You only need to plug it into a socket. Start the computer, start Microsoft FSX, FS2004 or Prepar3d and once it is ready, choose the weather, location and date, then jump inside the cabin, close the door, switch Motion On and begin the airplane´s engine start-up procedure.

Remote control access to the simulator´s computers, video conference, telephone and personal assistance, if that is needed, by sending the closest technical team from a distributor or by sending Virtual-Fly´s own team.

Operability & Safety dimensions of the room where OVO-04 is installed are: 3m. X 3m. X 2,5m. (height). OVO-04 dimensions are: 2,4m. (width) X 2,1m. (length) X 2m. (height).

The OVO-04 weighs 1,000 Kg. The External Cabinet (the “Freezer”) weighs 117Kg.

As Virtual-Fly delivers the unit Ready To Fly, it is mandatory to have a 200cm. wide open gate to enter the OVO-04 in the premises chosen by the customer.


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