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OVO-04 OVO-04 OVO-04

OVO-04, the first Full Motion flight simulator that completely surrounds you for a true virtual flight experience. Durability and versatility for training and entertainment.

Do you still think that flying is an experience reserved for the privileged few?

Now, for the first time, there is a flight simulator for pilot training schools, virtual flight centers in urban areas or even to have at home.

Every day thousands of people find that flying is easier, more fun and safer than they imagined. Now you can enjoy a complete aeronautical experience with OVO 04, the flight simulator with Full Motion cockpit.

OVO-04 puts you in a cockpit so you feel the same feelings a pilot experiences. You must think, decide and act on the controls and the instrument panel just as a pilot does.

You have at least 10 reasons to enjoy a unique virtual flight experience with OVO-04:

  • Fully enclosed, single seat cockpit with complete instrument panel
  • Full Motion control with multiple flight sensations
  • Communication to the outside with headsets, microphone and flight views
  • Connectable to the Internet to share experiences online
  • Fast and easy, customizable realistic configuration
  • Mechanism-free exterior
  • Maintenance free
  • Low power consumption
  • No pre-installation needed
  • 2-year warranty

OVO-04 opens an infinite number of possibilities for flight instruction and VFR and IFR training: navigation with GlassCockpit displays, night flying, over mountains, under adverse conditions, with flight and communication failures, all with real-time weather and traffic.

OVO-04 is the perfect balance between realism, performance and price, so that flight schools, flying clubs, airports, airlines, museums, simulation centers, pilots’ shops, virtual flight schools and even private individuals... all find what they seek in a versatile and complete flying experience.