OVO-04 Full Motion Flight Simulator
The home of the full motion flight simulators
Virtual-Fly designs, produces and distributes its own full motion flight simulators, flight panels and controls. When you fly a full motion flight simulator for the first time you discover a whole new world of emotions and challenges. Full motion flight simulators are the evolution of decades of research and development together with the present available technologies on materials and electronics. From the first simulator made in 1909 until todays state-of-the-art devices the flight simulation has coursed a constant race towards realism and performance. Now, Virtual-Fly is proud to present its achievements since its beginnings back in 2004: the OVO-04 full motion flight simulator, SOLO and DUO flight panel series, the long-pitch-travelling YOKO yoke and the ONTOP multipurpose 2 D.O.F. motion platform.  

Aviation in Moving

What we do

Flight simulators

for training & entertainment, for personal & corporate use. Our customers receive high quality, plug-and-fly, durable simulators.

Simulation R+D

everything started as a Research and Development project in 2004, today, that process has resulted in a simulation philosophy based on innovative, portable and cost-effective devices.

Simulation Centers

join The Indoor Airline now, the first ever flight simulation centers offering full motion experiences suitable for all publics.

Special projects

we are also developing collaborations for customers that need consulting, engineering or partnership along different simulation projects.

What they say

Thanks to Virtual-Fly, Los Halcones Flight School has taken another step forward to increase satisfaction of all the collaborators and customers involved with the OVO-04.
William Calle CEO Los Halcones (Colombia)
Virtual-Fly has supplied a technology based on innovative and cost-effective solutions just as we were looking for.
Peter Yu CEO en JetOneGlobal (Hong-Kong, P.R.C.)
Opening our first flight simulation centre we needed a guarantee of success. With the OVO-04 we know our customers will come back for more.
Arnaud Manzano Founder / Partner of EnVolSim, S.A.S. (France)

What you get

Total assistance

our flight simulators always include a PC inside in order to let our Technical Department access to your equipment in case you need assistance or upgrades.

No variable cost

our commitment is to become cost-effective from the very first day and so any of our services imply a variable cost per flight hour.

For all publics

our technology is based on intuitive & friendly software’s that allows a low profile for the flight simulator operator as well as adjustable difficulty and realism depending on the user´s previous flight experience.


solid structures, plug-and-fly technology and no attachment to the floor are always present requirements in our designs that allow aviation to be enjoyed anywhere.


(*) means the field is required